Think Green

Green Certified Exhibits

EcoGreen Exhibits™ Fabrication Initiative

Building "Green" for Triad Creative Group is just an extension of our creative fabrication practices of over 40 years. EcoGreen strategies join the ranks of hybrid vehicles, alternative fuels and solar power. It is here to stay. Triad has committed to selecting green materials that involve assessment of a product's environmental impact over the life cycle and use it responsibly in our Exhibitory manufacturing.

Availability of new materials fueled by consumer awareness of global changes has driven businesses to create their own green initiatives. Triad advises clients on how to incorporate EcoGreen building practices into their booth at trade shows and events when they're introducing products and inviting media scrutiny.

Research has found that companies have to demonstrate they're sincere about the environment, literally right down to the molecules of their exhibit. Triad can help convert an existing exhibit or completely redesign a planet friendly booth from scratch. We want our clients to walk the walk when it comes to EcoGreen Exhibits™.

How do you begin to plan for an EcoGreen Exhibit™ from Triad? The following will assist in doing just that by taking a few steps toward greener pastures. Our Think Green strategies will arm you with a new perspective on environmentally-friendly alternatives that have inspired our clients to start turning green faster, and with the knowledge to do so.

Triad uses four basic principles to designing a greener exhibit; Recycle, Renew, Reuse and Reduce all are applied to the design, fabrication and shipping of our EcoGreen Exhibits™. The goal is to reduce the waste that is generated by the use of wood products, cardboard, non-recycled brochures, carpets, counter tops and power consumption as it relates to lighting.