New Badger Meter Exhibit Wins Award

Triad’s new 20'x40' exhibit for Badger Meter won Best-of-Show in the Silver Category at the recent AWWA Show in Anaheim, California. This is Triad’s 25th award for exhibit design and the second garnered for Badger Meter. The exhibit glows with LED accent lighting that exudes the cutting-edge technology that Badger Meter is known for. Each product area features an iPad station for customers to navigate and view product specifics. The exhibit also offers flexibility by converting to 20'x20' and 10'x20' configurations.

Osprey is killing it.

Osprey Packs is a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts. Their lightweight designs and durable builds provide exceptional qualities when experiencing nature to the fullest. A good exhibit for them would be a wall of product, all those nice backpacks in varying sizes and colors to meet every need. For a great exhibit they looked deeper, past the obvious, into their future plans and philosophical directions.

As a marketing company that specializes in the experience, we at Triad Creative Group love an exhibit that digs in and brings participants into the environment. Whether at trade shows or museums, exhibits should be made to enhance the user’s experience; immersing the individual in a place and time controlled by the designers, not just viewing graphics, but becoming part of the exhibit. This participant involvement is more common in museums with a clear time period and theme. The trade show industry can get tripped up by multiple themes and layers of corporate hierarchy.

Osprey Packs sliced through corporate clutter at the OR Show this past winter. Osprey is pushing a new direction for them--travel luggage. This is a natural push for a backpacking company. Lightweight and durable packs are appreciated on red-eye flights as much as in backcountry.

We were thrilled to see Osprey take this new market expansion and create it as a physical reality at the OR Show. Not graphics showing how their packs fit in an overhead bin. Actual overhead bins, with actual seats, in an actual fuselage of an airplane! To top it all off they had flight attendants serving beer!

It is so refreshing to see a company follow a current marketing campaign through to the trade show realm, then take it step further. That is why we voted Osprey into the #BoothLove competition. Good luck guys.

Jay Tanel

Rent-Ex Rental Exhibits

View the website for Rent-Ex:

Triad Creative Group Launches a New Subsidiary called Rent-Ex

Triad Creative Group recently expanded their footprint in the exhibit industry by launching a subsidiary specifically for providing rental exhibits. The new business targets the event planner looking for a contemporary trade show exhibit without the cost of custom fabrication. A 7,500 sq. ft. showroom provides a wide variety of exhibits and accessories to preview. Rent-Ex professionals will customize the exhibits to fit your specific trade show needs.

Triad Creative Group's Interactive Learning Exhibit for We Energies at the Wisconsin State Fair

The interactive learning exhibit about home energy systems that was designed and built for We Energies is featured in a Fox 6 News report. The exhibit is on display at the Energy Park at Wisconsin State Fair. See images of the exhibit on the Museum Exhibits portfolio page.

View the Fox 6 News Report

Packer Hall of Fame finds a Temporary Home at the Neville Public Museum

Triad Creative Group recently completed a Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame exhibit called Touchdown! for the Neville Public Museum in Green Bay, Wis. Perhaps the most difficult and time-consuming aspect of the project was typing in the names of each and every Packer Hall of Famer, then adjusting their individual hand-sketched portraits that adorn the walls surrounding the trophy case. It's a temporary exhibit at the museum that runs through Feb. 28, 2015, but it doesn't look temporary, thanks to the custom-built structures and graphics.

See photos and read more about the exhibit on the LexJet blog post:

Harley-Davidson Summer Dealer Meeting

The innovative design debuted at the 2013 Summer Dealer Meeting for the Harley-Davidson REG (Retail Environmental Group) division is back for a repeat performance. The overall theme featured rust induced steel and I-beam structure complemented by distressed wood. The response was overwhelming thanks to its authenticity and accurate depiction of the H-D culture. The custom conference tables also featured rust induced steel against rough hewn distressed pine to give it an overall rugged appearance. The favorite attraction was Triad's custom designed end table; constructed of poured concrete and steel and then accented with motorcycle skid marks and inset manhole about depicting the open road.

Click on the image to see more photos.

Wesley J. Jung Carriage Museum at the Wade House Historic Site

Triad Creative Group recently completed all the exhibits and interactive displays for The Wisconsin Historical Society's museum in Greenbush, Wisconsin. See photos of the exhibits and displays on the Museum Exhibits page of this website. (Click here)

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Triad Creative Group provides logistical support for Harley-Davidson at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Red Circle Inn

Triad Creative Group designed and remodeled the dining room at the Red Circle Inn, Wisconsin's oldest restaurant, located in Nashotah, Wisconsin.

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